The widespread effects of COVID-19 have already had a profound impact on individuals and organizations of all sizes across the health and fitness community. From gyms and trainers to massage therapists and bike shops, the people and businesses we love have been forced to close their doors indefinitely and unexpectedly in the name of public health. We created the #SupportYourSweat initiative to get funds into the hands of these businesses now, even while they are closed and struggling.

Many of these gyms, shops, and fitness professionals run small businesses that are in serious risk of permanently shutting their doors due to the crisis. This initiative can provide much-needed revenue to these groups who are in need. For the public, this is a chance to show love and support, ensuring the future of some of their favorite gyms and shops, not to mention the many people who may be forced out of work.

This website is meant to act as a directory for both the public and professionals. If you would like to benefit from this program or support your fitness professionals, please read on.



As a Customer

You can support your fitness professional or facility by purchasing a Sweat Bond. A Sweat Bond is essentially a discounted or incentivized gift card. The discount value is set by each individual fitness provider or facility and can be redeemed for the services or products they choose to offer through this program. We also encourage you to take advantage of the offerings these professionals can provide right now, which often include remote services.

Use the #SupportYourSweat map to locate fitness professionals who are currently offering this program, and contact them directly to purchase a Sweat Bond. Many professionals have not yet updated their websites to display the offer — please call or email them directly to learn how to purchase.

As a Business

The #SupportYourSweat initiative is meant to be inclusive of all individuals and businesses that contribute to the health and fitness industry. In order to participate in the #SupportYourSweat initiative and for Sweat Bonds to benefit you, your facility or service must be offered at a discount. You are responsible for arranging payment.  This could be a gift card, PayPal or however you facilitate payments. 

If you’d like to participate in this program, please register below.

Once you’ve been added to the #SupportYourSweat map, share the program with your support network. You can share supportyoursweat.org website and the @supportyoursweat social media account. We’ve provided Resources in this folder to make sharing on your website and personal social media pages easier.



What is a Sweat Bond?

Sweat Bonds are gift certificates for products or services that are sold at a price lower than face value (how much lower is decided by each individual gym/studio owner, coach or trainer), but redeemable at face value at a future date. This allows businesses to continue selling even when they can’t open their doors.

Where can I purchase one?

By following the instructions, or by calling the participating gym/studio/gym/coach directly. View the map to see all who are participating.

Who can participate in the Initiative?

The #SupportYourSweat Initiative is open to any gym, studio, coach, trainer, massage therapist, running store, or bike shop across the United States. We hope this can be a fully inclusive project for all fitness professionals and facilities who support our love of sports and fitness.

Is there a fee to participate in the initiative?

No, there is no fee to participate in the initiative.

Can I buy Sweat Bonds on this website?

No, this website is acting solely as an aggregator of all participating gyms, studios, coaches and trainers, as a connection between the public and fitness professionals, and is not selling the bonds directly.

What are some examples of the services available through Sweat Bonds?

Some examples of services you will find available through the #SupportYourSweat initiative include:

  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Discounted massage therapy gift cards
  • Discounted recovery center gift cards
  • Digital remote training
  • Online nutrition consultations
  • Gift cards to running stores or bike shops

How do I know if someone is participating in the program?

They will appear on the map. 

When can I redeem my Sweat Bond?

Sweat Bonds work like savings bonds. They are purchased now and redeemed at a future date. Each person will set its own redemption dates. Check with the fitness professional or facility for full terms and conditions.

Is there a deadline for purchasing?


Is there an expiration date?

Each gym, studio, coach or trainer will have their own policies about this. Please check with your individual program for expiration dates and other terms and conditions.

What if a gym, studio, coach or trainer I want to support is not listed here?

Tell them about our program and ask them to fill out the participation form on SupportYourSweat.org